Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Vacation. Long drives (or rides depending on whether you're the passengers or driver... which in my case, I'm the driver ;) :D), bright and hot sun, generally expensive but good food, dirty clothes you have no idea what do with, sleeping in, down time (lots of it), salt water up the nose, sand EVERYWHERE, amazing food (did I already mention that?), no shirt and no shoes being no problem, etc. I could go on and on.
                                  In case you can't tell somehow, we're on vacation. Well, atleast I would sure hope so, otherwise that would be weird writing a post on vacationing from the comfort of your own home. We're actually (me and mi familia) and in Ocean City, Maryland. Never been here before, but oh man it's so nice here. The ocean is of course, the ocean. You can't go wrong with a beach and the ocean :) If you don't like the beach and ocean, then in my mind, you're crazy. ;) Seriously, what could be better than sipping sweet tea, in a beach chair, sand between your toes, sun bronzing your skin, smell of salt water lingering in the air, reading a good book, listening to music, or just sitting with absolutely nothing to do but think... or in my case generally, sleep...? Not to mention even going INTO the water! Ah, the feeling of powerful, yet beautiful waves crashing around you is so awesome. Not to mention just floating out on your back where it's deeper just soaking up the sun... so relaxing. Plus of course, the fun things to do like diving beneath the waves, or boogie boarding the "big ones" in all the way to the beach... well, at least trying to ;) Or maybe even just playing frisbee or football in and among the waves. Fun stuff. Then another fun aspect to the it are sunrises and sunsets. God's glory is so evident in those! (... not that God' isn't seen in everything on this earth, but you know what I mean.. I hope) Absolutely breath-taking are the two words I would use for those, especially the sunsets. When you have the sun just exiting off the horizon on one side of you with all of it's glory and splendor (because something is just special about watching the sun set over the horizon just over the ocean..), and on the other side you still have somewhat blue sky with complete set of colors of the rainbow spread apart ever so slightly that it creates this painting of colors across the sky... it's just. awesome. :)      So there's my somewhat brief explanation of the ocean and beach and why I love it.
                              Another really neat thing about this specific trip is where we're staying. It is definitely extraordinary! And the Lord really blessed with it too, that's for sure. We ended up getting a 22nd floor (only 22 floors in the hotel (so basically top floor)) pent-house. If you don't know what a pent-house, don't worry, because I don't either (and I'm staying in one!). Ha All I know though is that it's awesome. It's a 3 bedroom, 3 full bathroom, full kitchen, washer and dryer, leather furniture, 4 plasma tv's, two huge (and I mean huge) balconies over-looking the ocean, and on the other side the city and other part of the ocean, oh and did I mention 3 full bathrooms? Ha Either way, it is pretty spankin' awesome. Last night (Monday) I went out on the balcony over-looking the city lights and ocean inlet, and just propped up a chair and footstool (Gotta have the footstool) and just read for about an hour and a half and do some devo's. That was so relaxing, and very nice because I've been meaning to finish this particular book for a long time. Also neat to spend some personal, and actual "quiet" time with the Lord.
                              Well I could go on for quite a long time describing every tiny detail, but I won't. I'll save that for myself to chew on and enjoy :)
              So here's a few pics from the trip so far. Not too many, but a couple taken from the trusty cell phone (no I don't have a digital camera :( )

This is a not-as glamorous view of the ocean from one of the balconies. Pretty awesome! ...and high

 Here's the other balcony :) Now, envision this at night with all the lights lit up in the city :D

And this is a tradition for me at every beach I go to... to catch seagulls :) This guy here though was different than any other seagull I've run into... he walked directly, right up to my hand (I have a piece of bread in it) with no hesitation! Usually it takes quite a bit of work to catch one, but this guy took barely one minute! I was shocked, but after thinking about it, he was the biggest one on the beach (my area at least) and he was probably used to it. Ha So I was happy I was able to fulfill that tradition this time around!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is my dorm from TLC. Great times! :) 
And yes, it was late, and for some reason I was the only one without a shirt on... so I just did a slight edit. I laugh every time I see this picture just because of remembering everything that happened that night. But I won't get into any graphic of details. Ha Wanted to share the pic though


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