Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here in blog world

Hmmm... so,, blogging. It's something I've thought about for quite some time, but finally taken action in creating one. I'm pretty excited now that I'm finally "here" and have finally entered this new and foreign world of blogging. My only thing I'm not a big fan of, is the fact that it takes a long time to figure out. Okay, everything takes some time to figure out, but to me, this is pretty confusing... atleast to get details of the blog to my own preferences. So, I guess I will have to learn this slowly, and take my time. Good thing I have a family member who's a blogger! My mom has been doing this for a while, so she's probably a master at this now.
So what to write about for the first blog?? It seems like it could be the most important one to write, or then again, the least important('cause seriously, who really goes back and reads their first blog after a while of doing it?). But then again, it could just be my ignorance to the blogging "world." So, I'll just have to figure it out as I go.
Well I've already written a bunch of nonsense, but I think for my first blog, it deserves a good personal introductory.
So, me... (part of this may sound like my "About Me" section, but this is probably a little more detailed) I am currently a 17 year old, and the oldest of nine kids. I am a senior in Highschool, and have had a great education. Homeschooling was my main education until,, well my senior year. I had attended part time at a Christian school for my junior year, while being homeschool when I wasn't at the school. The school was a great experience for that part time year so much that I wanted to go back as a senior full time. Having the experience of getting involved with activities and meaningful projects, having a graduation ceremony, and meeting new people were all things I wanted to experience for my senior year. It has definitely been fantastic so far, and I am really looking foward to what the Lord has to bring in the near of far future.
Another thing that is a big part of my life is music. Since I was 5, I have been consistently taking piano lessons and have come to thoroughly enjoy the instrument and music in general. There were a few other instruments I tried out over the years, but never really caught on. I also really love singing. Although piano accomplishments supercede vocal, I still love it just as much. Both have led to a plethora of musical ministries, and a lot of realization of how much the Lord has really blessed me. I pray that I will always be able to serve the Lord through music.
One more thing the Lord has truly blessed me with is an amazing family, and truly remarkable parents. Now I'm not saying this because my mom will probably be the first one to read this blog, but sincerely for my appreciation(whether visible or not at times) for both of these God-sends I can call my parents. I can't elaborate too much,simply for the fact that I could go on for quite some time, but my thankfulness definitely goes the them and my God who is my ultimate Father.


Leah Claire said...

Ben.. I am so proud of you! You will be so grateful for starting your blog.. it will be an awesome opportunity to journal , and be a testimony! Great first post!

Kari @ p.s. said...

You do have a great mom! I only know her through the bloggy world - but she is amazing!

Congrats on starting your blog. I think you'll like it :o)

Thanks for stopping by mine today!


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