Tuesday, February 9, 2010


   So I'm curious... what do people do on their Saturdays? I know my Saturdays usually consist of only a few things. That usually is sleep in as long as younger siblings allow, bring in fire wood via wheelburrow, go to sister's basketball games, go to movies, rent a movie, eat food, Drive around younger siblings who want to go spend the money that's burning a hole in their pocket, or of course the biggest thing... cleaning!!! To summarize it up though, it usually means cleaning a lot, and if lucky, go to the movies to see that movie that you've been talking about the whole week. Ha But I must say, the cleaning doesn't mean the minimum, or even the middle road. No way! Cleaning for Saturday means a complete, top to bottom, intensive, every detail, cleaning until it looks better than perfect (and that's not even possible!). Does this not sound like a lot of fun?! I must say that after it's all done it looks pretty good, but everything it takes to get to that point... ugh. Ha Just say outloud "craziness" and would have described our Saturdays in one word. :) Sooo, that's why I was curious what everyone else does on their Saturdays! I almost asked about Sunday, but I know that of course Sunday is Church and napping day. :)
   So now I'm really curious how everyone else's Saturdays usually play out. What do you do? What do you usually wish to do, buuut tend to not work out? I'm excited to hear all of your exciting (or not so exciting) stories or Saturday schedules. :)


Sherrie said...

Your Saturdays' sound very productive and pretty normal. Saturdays are special days, its the day we get ready for Sunday. So I can have a day of rest on Sunday. It's a day where I catch up on things that didnt' get done over the week. There is usually cleaning involved, and grocery shopping. I usually spend time practicing songs on the piano that I play for church and study my Sunday lessons. Often times Movies either at the theater or at home or we Invite friends and family over for games once in a while. I enjoyed reading your blog. Love the music too.

Jared Kraft said...

Ha ha! Saturdays around here are pretty nuts too. Abigail has orchestra practice 9:00-12:00... A couple of us will usually drop her off and then run errands while we're waiting for her to finish. There's almost always a list of about 50 things to accomplish, and we usually get about 5 done. : ) Saturday is definitely the busiest day of the week over here!

Lynnette Kraft said...

And Jared forgot to mention the most important task of the week - CLEANING! He just doesn't want to mention it for fear of being pulled into another Saturday of .... CLEANING! I hope he comes back and reads this... CLEANING!!!

Have fun cleaning Ben and tell Em I said chop chop.


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