Monday, March 15, 2010

Random ramble jamble

   From what I've noticed, nearly everyone has a "comeback" or random quirky saying. For instance, my bible teacher at school has his own random quirk. Whenever he sends me a text, it usually consists of the words "arp" or "arf." lol This isn't kept solely to the texts though. It'll be the middle of class and we'll all be taking a quiz or something, and just out of the blue he'll give a quiet little "arp!" Haha we're all so used to it now that hardly any of us will even respond or look up.
   Or another example I have my own little thing that I'll do. It's insanely lame cool, but without letdown gets a laugh nearly every time. It's the "comeback" or saying of "your mom." Yes, I'm sure we've all heard of the "your mom" jokes at some point in our lives. They always seemed stupid to me, but when I started saying the short little two pointless words I couldn't help but realize how random it was! I mean what is more random that saying "your mom!" after someone tells you you're short? haha Unfortunately I'm usually the only one laughing, it has to be on the top of the most random "comebacks."
   My dad has the classic though. You can say nearly anything, and he'll respond with saying "11." Yes... random... probably on the top of the list for me. Ha I'll ask how much of something I need and receive the three syllables of "11." I have absolutely no idea of where this originated from, but I consistently find this pretty hil.
   So what about you?
Do you have your own little quirky "comeback" or random saying? Or perhaps you know somebody or somebodies that has their defining saying. I'm curious to hear all the different types of random ramble jamble there is out there!


Lexi said...

haha "your mom"? 11 is pretty random, you gotta admit. I don't think I have any weird comebacks to friends or family may disagree though. =)

Lynnette Kraft said...

"Your mom" - yeah, funny! ha! "11" - even stranger! Whoa, you'll have to find out the origins of that because I'm too curious!

I don't think I have anything I consistently say. I would have to think on that for a bit. One thing I do all the time though is make things into a song. When we're getting ready to leave I start singing the old song, "Are you ready? Yes, I'm ready. Are you ready? Yes I'm ready.... Only the kids are so used to it, they do the "yes I'm ready" part.

Yes, I think my comebacks are always songs. I seem to have one for every occasion.

Fun post - you goof.


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