Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Endings and beginnings...

   Wow. It sure has been a while since I've done a blog. I hadn't realized how long it had been until just the other day when I signed on... especially when I noticed that my last blog was in March! Well, I'm still alive and a lot has happened in between then and now... that's for sure! Well lets see... I'll do a short recap...
   I turned 18 years old on the 28th day of March. That was a crazy weekend for sure! Had a blast of a party (13+ guys+pizza/pop+movies+raving(dancing in the dark to loud music and strobe light hehe)+sting pong+ridiculous other games that I won't get into=amazing party)! :) It was definitely great, and very memorable. And after that came along silly April... but it was a good April because of the phenomenal weather we got. And also came many many practices for our school's musical "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." They were quite tiresome, but in the end, it turned out pretty great. The showings were just last weekend.. we had three showings. I was the lead role of Tom Sawyer :) and my sister Sarah had the role of Becky Thatcher. Ha It was definitely so much fun being able to perform that. I pray that all the glory received from it went to the Lord, because He's the one who really deserves it. But between the three nights, we had around 550-600 people show up to watch.. so that was definitely a blessing. And now this week came along... just today actually we had a National Honor Society (NHS) ceremony at our school which was pretty cool... it is definitely an honor to be inducted into the society. I feel blessed by the Lord, and so undeserving, but I will give thanks to Him and not my own efforts. And for another thing, on Friday our school has a celebration day to finish off a big school fund-raiser that has been taking place. That day is always lots of fun as when the whole school goes to a local park and plays games and cooks out to celebate God's goodness and provisions. :) Aaaand then, technically, next week is officially my last week of school!!! Ha It's a very bittersweet thought... more sweet than bitter ;) ha but it is definitely weird to think about. So of course, yes.. that means I will be graduating soon. =O This is sooo weird to think about for sure. So a lot of work is going into graduation plans and party stuff. For anyone who is possibly interested, Grad Party - June 26th. :D ha Just thought I'd throw that out there. Addresses is probably the hardest thing to get though I must say... definitely a challenge. And another thing going on in life is what's being learned. The Lord is definitely showing me and molding me to trust in Him more. A lot of decisions are still needed to be made, and it's difficult to try and figure it out, so after lots of wasted time trying to figure things out on my own, I finally retreat to the Word of God. He shows me that it's Him I need to trust and Him I can run to when I'm lost.
   So yeah... a lot of things have been happening! Summer is almost here (*fist pump*)! So I'm really excited about that. Going to be working, and staying busy. So I thought I would get on and blog a little before things get too crazy ;)


Lexi said...

haha glad to hear you are still alive Ben. =)

Sounds like you have been super busy these past two months! thats so awesome you were in a play! way cool.

School ended for me last week, so I am SOOOO excited for summer and my missions trip that begins on June 28th to Guatemala. =)

Congrats on finishing high school and hope your graduation party goes well!


Lynnette Kraft said...

Hey, there you are! Well, I've been keeping up with you on Facebook and Twitter, but it's nice to see your blog post.

So, you're a smarty huh? I was in the Honor Society one year and I kept thinking - I don't fit here! ha! I'm not dumb, but definitely didn't feel like I fit with the brainiacs! ha!

Where are you going to be working? I'll look forward to hearing how God leads you in the months ahead. You're wise to listen to Him.

Take Care my Fun Sized friend. :)
PS I only said that because you said it. I think it's cute.


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