Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dreams do come true..

           Oh my word... you'll never guess what happened. 

    I met the music group... SELAH!

     Yep... that's me, my sister, mother, and friend Moriah with the group SELAH! 

                      We were so blessed that we had the opportunity to meet them personally. And I don't know if you know too much about Selah, but they are some of the most "real" people you'll ever meet. They have the Joy of the Lord, and it definitely shows. 

                                    (me and Todd Smith) !! :)

                                  (also with the amazing Allan Hall...) :D
        So you may be somewhat wondering how, or why.
Well here's why:  ---   1. Me and my family (especially me and my mother) LOVE the group Selah.
                                  2. My mother's birthday (40th actually) was (and is soon) coming up and I really wanted her to be able to meet them. She follows Todd Smiths wife's blog -- and has grown to love her and their family through their testimony, and of course, music. You should check out my moms blog here at --->
                                  3. I've also always wanted to personally wanted to sing with them. They have such amazing musical talent, and I absolutely love playing piano and singing, and of course love their music. I have sang their music for many events and concerts, so I know a lot of them as well. So I thought it would be so cool to actually be able to sing with the group. Of course I have that inner want of maybe... possibly, being able to go into some sort of ministry similar to that by possibly getting hooked up with the group. HA! Well, you can wish at least.

            So you know how I mentioned how I wanted to sing with them...
well... it happened! Not lying! The original part of the deal was to just meet with them for five minutes, and that was it. Well we were blessed with so much more. We ended up chatting with them for about 15 minutes, and praying with them! That was an enormous blessing there.
              ... well part way through the concert, they randomly said out of the blue "could I have Ben come on up..." I was so confused when he said that. Threw me off. Thought he maybe meant some staff guy. But then he said "... and also his mom, and sister, and his friend... all come on up."
                              I was in shock.
                     So we didn't just sit there... we went up! Long story short, we ended up singing this African song along with them and it was so much fun. So awesome :)
                              There we are on stage :)

       So there. I had to share an experience that was a dream come true.
 Thank you Lord!


Lynnette Kraft said...

Ben, that's AWESOME! I'm thrilled for you. :) Now, if only there was a video to go along with it! I'd love to hear you play and sing - hint hint.

Praise God!

Lexi said...

HOLY COW BEN!!! That is SUPER cool! What an amazing experience and so fun you were able to actually have your dream of singing with Selah come true! My family also follows Angie's blog. They are so awesome.

Also, happy 40th b-day to your mom! =)


Bryan said...

BEN!! YES!! That is Such a Blessing from our heavenly father! i'm so glad you and your family were able to get the opportunity! if you can let me know via email or text how your doing... I miss being around you man! GOD BLESS and keep passionately living for our father and king above!
Always your brother in Christ:
Bryan Cannon


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