Thursday, September 30, 2010



 That's where I happen to be right now. I'm relaxing on a bed writing out this blog from the town of Florence (right next to Cincinnati) Kentucky.

Just yesterday a good friend and I left out for a road trip from good old NY down here to Kentucky. We planned a while ago to go to West Virginia to visit a college I'm planning on going to, but a few plans were changed so we decided to come down and go to the Creation Museum.                                            Check them out!
 ... so earlier today after going to Chic-fil-a for breakfast (which by the way, is probably one of my favorite restaurants), and getting lost from the GPS, we finally arrived at the Creation Museum. It was very neat! Lots of detail and thought provoking displays. Had very real-looking animals, humans, and most importantly, dinosaurs!

                                          Obviously, I couldn't help touching..,.

             I felt quite small. Even more small than I already am.

They had a petting zoo...

.... obviously.

They had this really neat bridge in the botanical gardens section of the museum. It was quite unstable, but pretty neat. So here is a neat snap shot that we got.

So there are some pictures from Kentucky and the Creation Museum!
             .... ya gotta love traveling :)

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Linda said...

Hi Lynnette's mom Linda. She enjoyed finally meeting up with your mom at the conference after knowing each other online for so many years!

You sure look like your mama. She is such a cutie. Lynnette just loved her and said they are kindred spirits.

Hey, I am glad you got to go to the Creation Museum. The Krafts have always wanted to go there.

Have you ever seen "The Forbidden History...Dinosaurs and the Bible" DVD that my grandson Jared Kraft composed the music for? It is great.

You can go online and see it, and hear his work. Just type in "Restoring Genesis Ministries"...and it will come up in several parts so you can watch it a little bit at a time when you have the time.

Glad you had fun with your buddy...even if the GPS got ya lost! (:>)

Take Care!
Grandma Linda


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