Monday, September 13, 2010


   What has happened to the weather here in NY?
It just seems like it has gone completely crazy here with the weather we have been receiving lately. Of course, I know... it's NY. We should always expect weird weather... and I have, but this is un-cool (in a sort of oxy-moron-ish way).
   Okay, so as you may know, our family went on vacation about a week and a half ago. Beautiful weather was present the entire time of being away. Gorgeous sun, low nineties, cool breeze... yeah. Well we leave for home on a Friday, and get home very late on Friday night. Well... okay, Saturday morning about one in the morning. Well we all wake up the next day, and at least to me personally, it was freezing! I open the front door no shirt and shorts, and both me and my new beach tan just tear up. Trees were caught in a fight with the wind. Rain was falling... rather hard I might add. And it was just simply,, cold. At least thirty degrees cooler than I was used to the day before in Maryland at the beach.
   So, as I usually try to do (although not very successful), I optimistically open up my weather application on my phone. I open up the ten day forecast.    silence       Then a tear runs down my cheek. As I look through each day for the next too long of a time, my heart breaks with sheer disappointment. 68 and rain. 64 and wind. 70 maybe if we were lucky. I was devastated! How can this be?! I mean, it was just nineties and sunny not one day ago! Now it's like a blizzard outside (or so it seems)!

                      Well, it's been the same since that terrible morning, and I am sad to say that there isn't much hope in the future. I think I'm going to move south :)

             That's all


Sweet Nothings said...

I really appreciate your sense of optomism in this poetic piece of literature. It touched my sensitive side.

Ben McCarthy said...

*loud laugh* thanks man!
-I try to keep chin up when things are looking down. And with as bad as the outlook is, I think I'll survive... another winter. :p
Glad you appreciate though. Means a lot. Totally.
Sensitive side eh? hmmm


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