Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Call me sicky...

   Wow... so it's nearly the middle of January. Very weird to think about. It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating New Year's Eve. But nope,, more than two weeks are now done and through. I try not to think about it too much because it scares me when I think about how fast time goes. Another thing I'm slightly disappointed about is how little I've been blogging. Before I started this blogging thing, I had soo many ideas and things that I would've loved to write on, but the inspiration for topics and posts has just come and gone when it pleases. More going then coming unfortunately. So when I was out driving today, I had my laptop sitting next to me calling out my name. He was telling me that I needed to write a blog, and I HAD to agree. So, without further thinking, I stopped at our local Panera Bread (which is one of my favorite food places) because I was craving a good latte, and of course, they had Wi-Fi. Hehe Well I got in the store, got my gingerbread latte (mmmm), sat down and got all cozy then opened my laptop getting ready to write a blog. I get to that spot we all go to write out blogs, aaaand nothing. Nothing came to me. The inspiration for writing a blog just left me. I was kind of upset a little. I sat there for a good three minutes just staring at the blinking insertion point before I decided I wasn't able to think of anything. So here I am, sitting here on the couch, watching American Idol... sort of. I've come to the conclusion that I really don't need a "topic" to write on. So, without further a due, I will now "blog."

   Well, the last few days I have been sick. Not exactly something I enjoy. I would say that I don't enjoy it, but that wouldn't be a sufficient explanation. Quite frankly, I HATE getting sick. I always feel so unproductive and lazy, and not to mention you feel terrible. The aches and pains, the tastes or not very desirable tastes you get, the smells, no sleep, etc. etc. You know how it is. Terrible. So pretty much, my last two days, in its ways have been very blah. But then I stopped and thought again. I realized that I could've been at school sitting learning behind a desk wasting utilizing every moment of the day to excel in my academics. So when I wasn't feeling too terrible, I tried to make the most of my "not at school" days here at home. So I did a few things I wouldn't have normally done and did some stuff I needed to do.

   So it started with with Monday morning, or Sunday night if you would say. I could not sleep for anything because my stomach was twisting and turning. Felt like someone stabbed my stomach and was twisting the knife (not that I would know what that feels like). I didn't think too terribly much of it until I got up to go to school and went to get a shower. Well as soon as I walked in that stupid 'ol bathroom, I found out how sick I really was. : p I don't need to go into any more details. So, I did what I want to do every morning I wake up for school... go back to bed. Ha. But I didn't end up waking up until noon! I really felt like a bum then. So I went upstairs, almost embarrassed to enter everyone else's day when they were most likely already into lunch. Well, lucky for me, no one was in lunch. My mom was actually preparing for a ladies thing she was hosting that night at our church, and she was cooking cooking cooking. So she got me right to work... and ya know what I ended up doing?! Nope... didn't end up cooking anything. Worse... I got to cut small pieces of paper for over an hour! Yup... cut paper for over an hour. I won't go into details because I don't want you to feel any worse for me. So, after that torture, I got to run errands for about two hours. Now, for me, I enjoy running errands. Yep, another random fact about me,, I enjoy running errands. Ha So I came home and felt terrible still, so I plopped on the couch, and watchya know, I fell asleep. For two hours in fact. I was all excited that my family was leaving the house to go somewhere, and I would be home by myself where it's quiet, and I could play the piano. :) It's always great to play the piano in a super quiet house, all by yourself. Well, that didn't happen because I fell asleep. HA! And I didn't wake up until my family walked BACK into the house! Oh man I was so disappointed! Lol But oh well. I ended the day peacefully and quietly. Now today, I woke up at eleven, which I was a little more satisfied with, and I felt a lot better. Thankfully, I didn't start out the day cutting little pieces of paper. :D Instead it was a pretty uneventful morning, which was pretty nice. But later I went out running more errands :) I went out looking for a job. :-/ I worked at Aeropostale (the clothing store) as a temp worker over the holidays. I enjoyed it a lot, and planned on staying longer, but unfortunately there weren't any positions available. Oh well though,, it was a great experience. So here I am now,, jobless.. again. The job pursuit turned out okay today. Unfortunately, I am picky. Probably not a good thing. But either way, I ended up applying at JCPenney's, and while I was sitting in Panera Bread sipping my latte, sulking over the fact that I couldn't think of a something to blog on, I decided to apply at Panera for a job! So I got something accomplished while I was there! Now I'm just trying to think of one more place to apply for a job. I'm thinking Dicks Sporting Goods, but not totally sure. Any suggestions? Oh! And also, while I was out, I picked up a special piano book I ordered a week ago. It finally came in which I was pretty excited about. So I picked it up, brought it home, and played it for over an hour. :D The book is Hope by Jim Brickman, and the music is so beautiful. I love it already. So, that is pretty much what happened my last two days when I was sick. Probably doesn't sound like the normal activities of someone who is sick, but I didn't want to dwell on the whole sick stuff, but more on the stuff that kept my mind off of it.

   So, there it is. I gave in and just "blogged." The last two days have been "sick days," but they've been "good" days. :) Tomorrow I will return to the "normal" schedule of school and busyness. It's good though, and I enjoy it. Going back to school will be refreshing. I most certainly hope my school won't impeach me from being president because I missed school for two days! Ha! I would sure have something to blog on then! Lol


September said...

Ben,, I have a blog Award for you to pick up today! Love you!

Lexi said...

wow, even though you thought you were blogging about "nothing" it was an awesome post! I think the posts that we just "let go" are some of the best we write because we are not trying to make it sound like anything amazing, its just what it is. I loved it! =D

Sorry you are sick!! No fun at all! lol I can never sleep past 8:30..even when I am sick.

Hope you enjoy your day back into business! =)



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