Tuesday, January 5, 2010


   Just today, I was going through my journal and happened to stumble upon an older "post" (on paper) that I had written. I remember writing this sort of wanting to have a creative feel to it, but have a purposeful meaning. It was somewhat based on a song called "Feels Like Redemption" by Michael English (I believe) which I loveee. The theme of redemption through Christ really motivated me at the time (and still does continually) so for some reason, one night, I felt like writing this short little "story type thing." This was written back in March of 2009 (weird to think that 2009 is in the past) and when I read through it, I felt like I wanted to share this on my blog for others to read. It may not be that great,, especially for those of you who are english majors and have degrees in story writing, lol but this was just out of fun and I think it has an important message,, and that was my main focus. :) So... here it is!

   Despised and rejected, feeling out of place, treated like a stranger, even though you know my face. It's the way you have learned, to hide yourself, and everything you've earned. To not face the day, or the people within it. To hide your face in dismal despair, as if you never existed. You sit in the darkness, simply waiting to die. They evil one encourages you, and tells you that you amount to nothing. You've become so blind with hate, that you don't see The One's hand reaching for you. You're emotions are filled with so much self pity, that you've deafened yourself to The One who is calling your name. He tries to reach out to your heart, but one time after another, you reject Him and harden your heart even more. You don't even realize it, but you are starting to fade away. Others around you feel painfully hurt and are sorrowful for you. They try to help you, but you've blinded yourself so much that you don't even recognize or notice their efforts. Day by day, minute by minute, thought by thought, you slowly fade into the darkness. You begin to look like and become more like darkness himself. He encourages your despair and weariness. He delights in all of you. You have occasionally have second thoughts, but he just reminds you of how pathetic and miniscule you really are, and you immediately are reminded why you are as low as you are. It is because you are really, nothing.

   Just as you feel that you will fade into the darkness completely, give up on everything you have ever known or heard of, and disappear into darkness, letting eternity take it's rightful place, The One appears and calls out to you one last time. You faintly hear a name which you haven't heard in such a long time.. your's. You listen closely in anticipation, as if hearing your name called out would save you from such despair you have grown to recognize as normal. Your name is called out again, and your heart skips a beat. You try and call out, but you realize you can't because your fear is keeping you silent. In desperation, you throw the chain of fear off of your shoulders that has been for so long weighing you down. You call out once again, projecting a voice that you haven't heard in such a long time. The One's voice echoes through the darkness again, then, nothing. You try and peer through the shadows, but you see nothing. All of a sudden, you see a small beacon of light shining from what you believe to be upwards. You stare persistently, transfixed upon the light. Amazed, it looks like a beacon of hope after not seeing light for what seems to have been an eternity. You hope and pray that it could be a source to pull you out from your pit of despair. You hear your name called again, followed by the words "Come unto Me." You see a single hand descend from the light that is now growing much more intense and brighter. Your eyes squint as you try to reajust to the light. The hand slowly descends and lowers to eye level as the words "Come unto Me" continue to echo thorough your head. You try to reach this hand, but it seems to be way out of reach. You attempt to walk toward the hand, with the hope of a rescue from darkness you know you can't live with for the rest of time, but you are unable to move. You glance at yourself with the now visible light, and remember why you were here in the first place. You see chains covering your body, weighing you to the floor, holding you down from any easy escape. You read the chains, for each boldly pronounces itself. "Chain of PRIDE" you read off the biggest of them all. You read the other chains bearing the names "Chain of DESPAIR," Chain of DISCONTENTMENT, and "Chain of SELFISHNESS and GREED." You try and move again, and again, trying harder each time, but you proceed not one inch, for your chains are surely weighing you down. Frustrated, you get mad at yourself as you feel the evil one himself add another chain to the collection you already posses, "Chain of FAILURE." Depressed instantly, you begin to completely give up, but the voice calls out one more time, Come unto ME." With the last bit of hope you have left, you call out at the top of your lungs, "I can't on my own! You must help me." And with that, you drop your head in sorrow thinking of all the things that you had done to get yourself in this position. You open your eyes catching a glance at the largest chain of the all, and read the words, "Chain of PRIDE." You tell yourself that you are the only reason you are here and lost so deep in this darkness. You call out one last time, looking to the hand that is still set before you, " You are the only One who can help me! For I am weak and am nothing without You!" And as soon as the last words leave your mouth, you hear the sounds of metal hitting the floor, You open your eyes and are nearly blinded from the intense light that surrounds you. After catching your senses, you look at the ground and see the chains that were at once bound upon your neck, now lying in pieces on the ground. You look up and see a man in white robes standing right in front of you with His arms open wide. His hands have holes in them, but you barely notice because of how awestruck you are. You stare at His face trying to recognize Him, but He breaks the staring by saying three words. He simply says, "Come unto Me." And without any hesitation, you run up to Him and give Him a big hug knowing that this man is The One who saved you from your darkness. He hugs you back and once again says three words. Through your tears of joy He simply says, "Welcome home, son."

Praise God for His redemption for us through Calvary!


Sherrie said...

I am stopping by your blog from your Mom's blog. I have enjoyed reading what you have written and getting to know you a little. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Ben McCarthy said...

Thanks Sherrie! I have definitely enjoyed blogging so far. Thanks for the encouragement

smoore2213 said...

I have a degree in creative writing, so I think that qualifies me to say...that was pretty good.

Ben McCarthy said...

Thanks Sara! I've never really looked into creative writing, but it is definitely something I enjoy doing every once in a while. :)


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