Monday, January 25, 2010

I can read your license plate all too easily

I'm tellin' ya. The Lord must really love me when it comes to me and driving! I love driving, but when it comes to vehicles and other drivers, they don't tend to like me as much. Now we all have pet peeves right? Well I would sure hope you say yes, because if you say no... you're lying. Well, unfortunately I have a plethora of those pet peeves. It's kind of something I need to work on... a lot, but I am quite the opinionated person. Yeah it helps with some things, but it also proves my lack of patience sometime. Ha Well one of the places that my patience is tested the most is driving. Why would you intentionally drive 5+ (mostly more) mph UNDER the speed limit?! "Wow. You think you would be able to tell that you're going slow when there is a line of thirty cars behind you. Like who taught you to drive anyway? Your dog? My Great Grandma drives better than you are right now! *Flash of highbeams* C'mon man... you just made me spill my hot tea all over my lap because you drive like a child!" Haha these are a lot of the typical rants I carry on while someone is being ridiculous driving. I must say though that probably the most common thing I say is "really? Seriously?" Seriously... why would you "really" be going this extremely slow? Does this not bother you at all, or am I the only one? (Please don't tell me I'm the only one) Just ask my siblings... I get bothered easily while I'm driving. Now, I am trying to work on this... I really am. Music helps set off the mood. I've also noticed that one of the biggest things that helps is leaving early! Who would've thought?! Yep. I've noticed that almost every time I leave early, I don't that problem of tailgating following people closely.
   So just kind of a random thought... but while I was driving today, I really picked up on all of the little things I say to other drivers who can't even hear me. lol It's almost comical when you think about it. My sister laughs at me all the time because we'll be driving, and all of sudden, just randomly I start talking to another driver, and she's like "Whaaat?!" Ha Then we both laugh. Good times.


Lexi said...

hahaha i also have some pet peeves that I need to work on....driving methods arn't one of them...yet. =D

thanks for the laugh and i hope you don't spill your hot tea on yourself driving to school!


Abigail Kraft said...

haha. My dad likes to reprimand people on the road too. :D I'm not quite experienced enough to get mad very often, but occasionally, I'll get a little annoyed with someone who can't stay in their lane or is driving ridiculously slow. Jared doesn't have ANY problem with that though--he likes to drive slow. lol. He drives like a granny, but I'm pretty sure that's just one of those quirky things that makes him awesome. ;) lol.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Okay - I'll admit it. My favorite word on the road for irritating drivers is "moron". "What a moron!" I also say, "Hellloooo!!!" or "Good grief fella!" (Even if it's not a fella! ha!!!!) Ugh. This human nature is pretty evil isn't it?

Laughing... but not laughing... ya know?

Your fellow confessor.

Kari @ p.s. said...

If you just listen to my daughter you'll find out what I say when I drive. Thank God I don't use profanity. But stuff like, "Are you waiting for a different shade of green?" or "It's called a gas pedal people." or what about "Ohhh, the sign says 45, not 30. Can't you read?" Bella's favorite is this:

"Mom, I know people don't use their brains when they drive - but I know you do!" Haha!

Where'd she get that?


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